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Cooking is an activity many people enjoy. While there are those who have a natural talent on this thing, there are also those who religiously drive out of their garage door in Kansas to study hard for years just so they can learn more about cooking. Fortunate ones are even given the chance to master this craft under many different masters both locally and internationally. In this case, they manage to create their very own recipes of those dishes we deemed simple on a regular day. You will be amazed at how these practiced cooks can make a gazillion types of sunny side up egg just for a diner. With this thought in mind, we want to know. We want to check out how many different dishes can be transformed and how it can affect its diners. Through this objective, Chili-Takedown was born.

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Chili-Takedown is probably the most popular and the most important competition in the whole United States of America. This is the most awaited food events of self-taught cooks, foodie, and food enthusiasts.

Good Recipes

This is where people with interest in good recipes gather together to witness, if not exhibit themselves, dishes that are unique and probably not even introduced to the public before.

Join us

The people who join here are not only given the credibility and reputation of being really good cooks, but the individuals who join this competition also provide entertainment through the dishes that they develop.

Press coverage

Take note that this is not simply limited to one town or city only because the press coverage for this event is really great. It is being shown in many different TV shows and even being showcased in many only streaming sites. You’d be surprised at how many followers this event has.

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Flexibility Cooking

This is also the starter of many different cooking events that flourished thereafter. They always tried hard to recreate the event but are not successful because Chili Takedown will always be the first and the best.

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Food events

Although from the name itself, Chili Takedown, this food event is not only about Chilis or the different ways to make them. It involves a lot of different dishes involving different meats such as beef, chicken, lamb, and even turkey. There is even a takedown for fondue and even cookies.

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What Our customers say

So no matter where your expertise lies, you can definitely show-off your skills here. If you are the watcher type, you can definitely benefit from this as well. Like other cooking series you find in your TVs to watch, this event serves the same purpose and that is to show you how different recipes are being made and how they are being plated.


For those who are food enthusiasts or those who simply want to learn more about cooking and providing good recipes to their family, this is definitely something you should look out for. Stay tuned for the schedules to be posted here. We promise you that you will not be disappointed. We are going to update you of the latest happenings here when you continue to follow us.


Great Food and Gambling at the Best Casinos in Las Vegas

Getting lucky at the casino is a whole other ball game. The best casinos in Las Vegas are located on the strip near the glitzy hotels. Some fertile plots of land are used as industrial farms.

One of the best places to dine is Binion’s Cafe in the center of the Strip. It is one of the few places in Vegas where you can still have a full meal after 11pm. While this may sound like a bad idea, the food is delicious.

Another great place to dine is at the new Joel Robuchon au Dome located in the heart of Las Vegas’ gambling district. Robuchon is a Michelin starred chef who specializes in modern fine dining dishes. You can take your pick from the likes of the duck breast to the classic sirloin. The buffet is a treat. For the more squeamish, you can also order a la carte. Probably the best part is you can order from the same chef if you so desire.

Having a great meal at the casino is also a good way to unwind after a long day at work. The best casinos in Las Vegas are not just for live casino reports; the nightlife and entertainment options are plentiful. The casino may not be the place to go to for a night out on the town, but you can be sure to have an amazing time with friends and family. Hopefully, this will be a memory you will look back on with a smile. The next time you’re in Las Vegas, make sure to take your time and have some fun! Besides, you never know when you’ll be back! The most important thing to remember is to have a great time and you’ll definitely be rewarded with great food and gambling.

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