About Us

Chili Takedown is a food event or a food competition many people of the United States are on the lookout for. This is perhaps the most popular food event and the most awaited. This is being followed by millions of Americans. The venue for this event is in many different States in the country so wherever you are, you can probably watch this competition yourself. Did we mention that this is covered heavily by the press? This is why you can also check this out in TV shows and in many different online streaming sites.

What you are going to enjoy in this competition is the entertainment. Like any other cooking contests you already have seen in your TVs, this gives a view of the actual cooking. Those people who decide to join will be cooking real time. So you can also get techniques from them if you are a foodie or an enthusiast. Check out how self-taught chefs actually do the different boring recipes you have at home in a more creative manner. Be on the lookout for their secret ingredients and take note of how the different dishes are being plated. In that way, you can be the next big thing in your next big gathering where you have to cook. There are so many things to be discovered at Chili Takedown and that is not limited to making chilis alone. There is a lot more and you will discover that when you stay tuned with us.

We regularly update all the takedown schedules here on this website. Make sure to always be on the lookout for them. For more information, you can email us at the contact details found at the Contact Us page. You can also signup for our newsletter to be more updated with our new updates here on the website.

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