I really learn a lot from Chili Takedown. I am not a really good cook so I make sure to follow competitions like this and all other channels that cater to teaching people many different recipes. Here the style is a little bit different, especially it is not formal at all. It is more relatable for someone like me who is not really into a fussy and ostentatious dining and only wants to give her family the best. The theme for every food takedown as well is interesting so it is hard not to check out the competition itself.


I’ve had the chance to be involved in this website back when my friend asked me to watch. I am not a food enthusiast myself but it is hard to not appreciate the skills of the people who join here. They work really fast which is surreal at times and every food that they create is amazing. This is like Masterchef in real life. The best thing is that they even put the recipes that were featured in the competition online. I think this is the best thing since this allows us to somehow remake the recipes at home and be able to get a taste of it and also our whole family.


I like that this website is really great. They allow updates here for the actual competition which is informative especially to those who are always in the lookout for new news about Chili Takedown. I hope many takedowns will still be witnessed by me and my family. In that way, we can learn more about different recipes. This is one of our bonding activities – being able to cook as a family. We create beautiful and amazing dishes that we share. Please follow this site if you are a foodie like us as well.

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